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  1. Noah Hap

    Respect. Finally you aren't doing a bot lobby video

  2. Noah Hap

    I don't get how you people find Pokémon this great to get a tat of it

  3. Brother razcom

    The reason the kid was getting slapped was because he said the n word and his mom slapped him

  4. austyn wilson

    At 3:41 look at his name

  5. Brother razcom

    Me when my mom makes pizza rolls 4:10

  6. Acevsticx01

    I have the bubble wrap too

  7. Jaion Gray

    are we just gonna ignore the flick at the end

  8. Orestix02

    i only got 34 :/

  9. gTrevinop xd

    Best thing I've seen all day

  10. Squidabyte

    and 69k views.

  11. Scrawl

    Blub blub

  12. 5 Ping

    Randumb- I grew up loving Pokémon when I was a child Me- skips video

  13. Alexandra Dean


  14. diego macias

    voice crack in the start of the vid lol no hate i love randumb

  15. blurryb21

    When I first saw the tattoo I was so happy I thought it was so cool

  16. Mk Ultra

    Authentic weirdo

  17. Donley


  18. depression

    I literally watch 3 hours of fortnite btw use code dumb stay dumb use dumb

  19. Punch

    Was so confused when I saw Gandhi

  20. 1 Sub before 2069?

    Fun fact : everyone can not be first

  21. 1 Sub before 2069?

    Literally 99% wont see this but Who ever sees this have a good day and stay safe

  22. 1 Sub before 2069?

    A person Who subscribes to me will be richer than randumb guaranteed

  23. 1 Sub before 2069?

    Only people Who didnt Come from tiktok are worthy liking this

  24. 1 Sub before 2069?

    I pray Who ever reads this becomes succesful in Life

  25. Bugz


  26. Collin Woods

    Pls do more vlogs

  27. Hyder

    Wait does ghandi live in the house now ?


    I was there doing the Premiere of it

  29. William Colwell WeeklyVlogs

    Love it bro

  30. Bryan C


  31. FlashCharmer

    Ayo she telported through the ground that is not fair

  32. Tristen Unsolved

    i love randumb but when he got his tattoos i think i just fell in love.

  33. Drift

    Fortnite is not the same this season sucks the only good thing about this season is the gold spass no hate😬

  34. Paulino Baak

    you are the best randumb and i dont think tatoos are dumb i have a lot of fakes ones im to young for real ones

  35. ZachZach3219

    At first I thought a charizard was stupid but when I found out the reason was cuz it connected him and his family changed my mind

  36. 1God4Me


  37. john mare

    Love the dad beard I'm digging it

  38. sixra


  39. Mason Ludewig-Willoughby

    Daniel w facial hair 2:00

  40. Snow Lynx

    More Pokémon cards

  41. Ricard0 HT

    1:56 WTF

  42. ExoticHer0

    OMG GANDHI I miss him so much

  43. yuhSleet

    gandhi back❓❓❓

  44. driPpy lol


  45. Flaming Eagle11

    Let’s go

  46. xyzkaty

    Looks great! Randumb is so sweet I think 🥰💀

  47. Vibe Shazzer

    Title: (DONT WATCH) Me: uno reverse

  48. NotPee

    Bro I’m ready to see the dragon sleeve lol he’s gonna start saying 50k likes for my next tattoo

  49. Yo strigga shrek

    You should get a tattoo of charzard spitting out fire. But instead of fire it should say “code dumb”

  50. soaR andy

    Dont be dumb use code dumb!?!? Tattoo!?!?

  51. Zylux

    seeing Former Red Gandhi on camera brings me back the Red House Days... RIP Red Reserve & The Red House ):

  52. Cyclusionn

    OH MY GOD THE NOSTALGIA!!!!!!!!!!!! nice tattoo btw whoever made that was talented and shout out to ur cool dad bruv

  53. Tanner Treacy


  54. svk linix

    I have a cross with my girlfriends name on it

  55. Xotiic

    Tbh before I even clicked on the video I knew it was gonna be something Pokémon related

  56. PGPLAYZ -

    Random idc what ppl say I think tattoos r cool also that girl did awesome job :D

  57. RHYSJIt

    It Weird that I know he’s in texas

    1. RHYSJIt

      Yet cool

  58. Enz MJ

    Shave the beard, dude it's weird

  59. Hudson Benedict

    I love how he doesn’t care if other people hate it. And you could say it represents his childhood.

  60. piepotential

    Tattoo is part of us. I only have 1 atm and its HAKUNA MATATA. Thats how i live my life.

  61. Tara Backman

    Take the L

  62. B3llo

    Honestly respect if he gets a sleeve of charzards on his arm

  63. Zakiya joseph

    Good Tattoo😁

  64. ZyL0GoaT


  65. skinless43

    Give him 100k likes

  66. Mrbeasterklijg

    As soon as I saw Gandhi I cried

    1. SpazzSzn

      Same the mfk Mohamed😩

  67. Zertslol

    i got so fricken happy when i saw Gandhi omg

  68. Super Plush Buddies!

    I’ve been here since 15k subscribers


    To the "early people" you're a legend and adorable and also a true "fan" God bless you🖤


    "If you're under 20 I wish you all the happiness you deserve in this world of negativity" 🖤🖤

  71. Mighty

    IS THAT GANDHI???????????????????????

  72. visible confusion

    That flick tho

  73. Giio _

    we need some full length vlogs from randumb

  74. Carson Lee


  75. Christian B

    Ran dumb when he’s 89 looking down at his charzard tattoo

  76. MDA Live

    Vlogs are back??? Yaay! :) wandumb neet


    I'm thinking about getting a tattoo when I'm older

  78. Encoded Yt

    Yaaaayy I’m so happy that he got the tat

  79. Wicked Drea

    Looks awesome tattoos are the best they give the person their own uniqueness in a way but they are addictive I have 4 & I want more haha 😋

  80. Edrey Robls

    hey ............... Im still short :)